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Latest News

Banjo's Backpack coming May 31st!
Get your levels ready!
New Banjo-Kazooie Beta Information!
Thought you had the BK beta figured out? Let us just clarify that
Savannah Prototype Theme Released
First draft of the theme for the Savannah prototype by Steve Burke
Mini-Scribes: July 27, 2012
Even more Mini-Scribes.
Rumor: Nintendo to buy Rare back from Microsoft?
Will this rumor turn out to be true or false.
Mini-Scribes: June 29, 2012
More Mini Scribes.

Latest Features

Banjo's Backpack
Setup Editor and Level Importer
Tutorial: Importing Midis
Tutorial for importing midi's into N64 games.
Banjo-Kazooie Character Models
Perfect for fan games and animations.
RWC's Favorite Video Game Contest 2012 [Updated]
Will your favorite game make it to the #1 spot.
Banjo-Tooie Beta Poster
Beta of the Tooie poster?
Banjo-Pilot Voxel
Banjo-Pilot Voxel - ROM Release: 17th December